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Henry Simpole’s 1907 Exhibition Overlay Pen

This extraordinary pen is a stunning tribute to British penmaking, with an unquestionable pedigree stretching back more than 100 years. It incorporates one of Henry’s hallmark silver overlays and features a traditional plunger-filler ink system.

Conway Stewart Churchill

Inspired by the great British statesman who used Conway Stewart pens during the war years, the Churchill is in every way an impressive pen, and not least because of its size.

The Shakespeare Pens

Issued to celebrate Shakespeare 400th anniversary in 2016, and available in hall-marked Sterling Silver or 23ct Gold Vermeil. Both pens have the same traditional “Silk” engine turning pattern and are hand-made by Stratford Pen Company in the Heart of England.

Discover the finest British Luxury Pens 

Thanks to traditional techniques and the finest materials, you can rely on the timeless elegance of every pen to provide you with a lifetime of writing pleasure. Click here to find out more about our British made luxury pens available to order online.

Bespoke editions are our speciality

Whether you are looking for a one-off, unique design for a special occasion or a luxury pen with corporate logo and special engraving, you’ll find our tailored service provides the perfect pen to suit every corporate requirement. Click here to find out more about our corporate options


Bespoke British Pen


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June 4, 2014

Conway Stewart Churchill Bracket Green


June 4, 2014

Series 58

June 4, 2014

Conway Stewart Wellington - Battle of Waterloo edition


June 4, 2014

Shakespeare Silver

June 4, 2014

Series 100

June 4, 2014

Shakespeare Vermeil

June 4, 2014


June 4, 2014

Proudly and Exclusively British